Sell New & Secondary Steel Pipe

Sell-secondary Pipe

Sell steel pipe piling products, sell or buy new and used surplus pipe? If you have rejected and used structural steel pipe and piling pipe, you've come to the right place. A number of the pipe companies in our directory will buy your new or seconday pipe products at very competitive prices!

What types of products will these companies buy?

A number of pipe purchasers in Canada and the United States will purchase new and secondary grade pipe products such as; carbon, stainless steel pipe, casing pipe, gas transmission, line pipe, OCTG, fencing pipe, DSAW, Spiral and ERW pipe just to mention a few products that you can sell to them. Some companies will also buy your corrugated pipe, and galvanized pipe products.

Will these pipe puchasers pick up this unwanted pipe?
Yes, many companies will come onsite with a clean up crew and remove this unwanted second hand pipe. So browse our directory of pipe & piling distributors in Canada and our pipe suppliers in the United States many of these surplus pipe dealers will assist you in the removal of those unwanted steel products.

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