Piping the highway to success

Amercian Piledriving Equipment Inc

Is the world's number one provider in research and development, production and sales of foundation construction equipment. APE has branch offices in Asia, Europe and every corner of the United States.We were the first to introduce pile driving and deep foundation equipment equipped with vegetable hydraulic oil. We are now the largest user of vegetable hydraulic oil in the USA.

Some of our products include: The APE Vibro Revolution - Revolutionized the vibrator pile driver/extractor in 1990 with the introduction of the APE Model 150.

APE Vibrator Eccentric/Gear - gearboxes have 50% less parts than the nearest competitor, dramatically improving serviceability and life.

The Big Hammer - APE makes the largest hydraulic impact hammer in the United States.

APE Heavy Metal Technology - Another result of APE's drive to create more simplified, serviceable, and efficient products is the development of the heavy metal enhanced eccentric.

APE Hydraulic Impact Hammer Technology - APE hydraulic impact hammers feature a patent pending double walled lifting cylinder that raises the ram from the bottom.

The APE Diesel Revolution - The diesel hammers remain the best value on the market by any standard.

APE Drive Caps and Inserts for Impact Hammers - We manufacture a full line of drive caps and inserts for any type of piling.

We also have a pile driving school.

Please review our website for complete product and services. We just have too many to list.