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Price Gregory International

Price Gregory International
Pipeline Construction Companies / Oil Field Pipe / Structural Piping
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Dec 12, 2012
Is a leading provider of infrastructure services with focus on pipeline construction and related services. The Company was formed through the merger of H.C. Price Co. and Gregory & Cook Construction, two of the world's largest pipeline contractors with the equipment and capability to build large diameter pipelines.

The Company’s history stretches to the beginning of oil pipeline construction industry, with predecessor companies involved in the construction of the first “Big Inch” pipeline during World War II. In addition, the Company has worked internationally in the Middle East, Africa, and Mexico.

specializing in:

Construction of Gas, Oil, and Products Pipelines
Installation of Metering and Valve Stations
Installation of Compressor and Pump Stations
Cleaning, Repair, DOT Hydrostatic Testing and Maintenance Services
Horizontal Directional Drilling and Road Boring
Auto-Welding Equipment and Services
Price Gregory is currently focused in North America with a presence in the Lower 48, Canada, and Alaska (including the North Slope).