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Spiral Pipe The Benefits

One of the most popular types of piping used for the flow of air within high-pressure systems located in structures and dwellings is spiral pipe (SP). It is an alternative choice to standard... more →

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What Is ERW Pipe?

What is ERW? ERW is an abbreviation of electric resistance welded pipe. It is plate rolled to turn out to be a pipe and welded by making use of the process of electric resistance... more →

What is Piling?

What is piling? It is a method of establishing the foundation of an edifice. More specifically, it... more →

Culvet Pipe Secondary Grade Pipe

Culvert pipes are pipes and... more →

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Stainless Steel Pipe, Pros & Cons

Stainless steel traces its roots back to the early 1800’s in France. Carbon steel is alloyed with chromium to produce a corrosion resistant metal. During this process, other elements are... more →