Piping the highway to success

Bristol Metals, LLC

America's leader in stainless and alloy pipe, producing welded stainless steel pipe for use in the chemical, petro-chemical, paper, and food processing industries. We also service other industries requiring corrosion resistant or cryogenic pipe such as the liquid natural gas, coal scrubbers and ethanol markets. Also Supplies throughout Canada. We have led the industry in stainless steel and nickel alloy pipe fabrication.

Here are just some of the advantages of our piping systems:

Our own fleet of delivery trucks; - We have a full laboratory and testing center including 100% RT testing - Brewery piping to 96° OD water lines - High temperature to cryogenic pipe experience - Integrated welded pipe manufacturing facility - Extensive on site inventory of pipe and fittings – Our own on-site painting facility - Bending capabilities.