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North American Pipe Corporation
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Dec 3, 2010
As a leader in PVC pipe manufacturing, ½-36 inch in gasketed and solvent weld configurations, We produce top quality PVC products and stives for complete customer satisfaction. Our wide variety of products allows us to be an important supplier in the municipal water and sewer, residential plumbing, irrigation, agricultural and do-it-yourself markets.

Here are just some advantages of using pvc pipe.

- When it comes to pvc pipe prices, the pricing is competitive with other pipe, particularly when it comes to installation and the life cycle operating costs are factored in.
- Another big advantage for nearly all piping applications is joint tightness. PVC pipes are available with deep insertion, push-together gasketed joints.
- It’s more durable than metal, concrete, and clay pipe for the transport of abrasive slurries.
- PVC pipe is a non-conductor of electricity and immune to electrochemical reactions caused by acids, bases, and salts that cause corrosion in metals. 
- PVC pipes have a lower thermal conductivity than the traditional pipe materials. 
- The resistance to fractures is another big advantage of using pvc pipe.
- It offers a tremendous weight advantage that is a particularly important when it comes to safety 
- It exhibits resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents in temperatures up to 140°F and are resistant to chemicals normally found or used in your home. 
- Its compounds are formulated to attain long-term tensile strength.
- PVC pipe used under normal conditions has relatively high resistance to impact damage compared to other pipe made from clay, concrete, and most today’s conventional materials
- It is made with a smoother wall surface that reduces fluid friction and resistance to flow. 
- When it comes to pvc pipe sizes, it’s generally available in lengths of either 14 feet or 20 feet. This reduces the number of joints required compared to other pipe products. 
- Its non-corrosive nature with a resistance to chemical attacks also renders it non-reactive with your drinking water.