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PVC Pipe, HDPE Drainage Products

North American Pipe Corporation

As a leader in PVC pipe manufacturing, ½-36 inch in gasketed and solvent weld configurations, We produce top quality PVC products and stives for complete customer satisfaction. Our wide variety of...
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Springfield Plastics, Inc.

Has a complete plastic pipe solution for you. We have been helping people develop drainage systems in the agricultural, residential and building, commercial and highway markets for years.
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Manufacturer of HDPE corrugated drainage tubing and fittings. Site has a specialty calculator for determining amount of pipe required for an ag drainage job.
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Harvel Plastics, Inc.

In a world of constant technological change, outstanding PVC and CPVC pipe extrusions can only be produced by a company with a unique set of skills.
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Pipelife International

International manufacturer of plastic pipe and fittings. Pipe products include water, gas, drainage, sewerage and waste pipes. Available in PVC HDPE and PP. Located in 26 countries.
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US Polymers Inc.

The manufacturers of SUNSTOP PVC URV PIPE for above ground landscaping and irrigation, now introduce WATERWARN rigid PVC pipe in Schedule 40, Class 315 and Class 200.
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