Piping the highway to success

Skyline Steel

Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcelor Mittal, the largest global steel producer. Skyline Steel is recognized as the premiere provider of sheet pile systems and structural steel solutions. Servicing Canada, United States, Mexico. Central America, Caribbean and South American markets,

Some of our products include:

Sheet Piling - Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. The walls are most often used to retain either soil or water.

Combined Wall Systems - Are mainly used in deep excavations, deep wharfs and retaining structures where deflection is restricted. Very high bending strengths can be achieved with combined wall systems.

Pipe Piling - Pipe piles are commonly used in deep foundations and transfer the loads from building to stronger soil layers found deep underground.

H-Piles & Pile Accessories - Bearing piles are required when a structure cannot be founded on a shallow foundation. Tall structures, for example, often require deep foundations based on engineering principles. In other cases, the soils near the surface may not possess the mechanical properties to support the structure.

Micropiles -In general, micropiles are high-capacity, small-diameter steel casing that is drilled into place, reinforced with an internal structural bar, and pressure grouted.

Structural Sections - A range of sizes and weights are widely produced throughout North America, and are readily available for immediate shipment.

These are just a few of our steel products that we have to offer. Please visit the website for a complete list.